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The Big Fat Life Podcast

Jan 29, 2020

Frank Mastrandrea was over weight.  Obese, actually.  And he was really tired of going on diets and failing.  So what did he do?  Frank decided to ditch the thing that didn't work.  He ditched the diets.  After losing over 160lbs, he talks about how he did it and what he as learned. 

Jan 22, 2020

Greg Hoel lost almost 100lbs in a year and a half. But, as he describes it, he did it the wrong way.  And after work and life stress, excess food became his coping mechanism and he saw the weight creep back on.  This is a story for anyone who has tried and stumbled on their weight loss journey and is ready to take...

Jan 15, 2020

Mark Silberg talks to the Big Fat Life about losing over 100 pounds on a ketogenic diet.  We discuss how he started and how he followed this diet through researching recipes and keeping it simple.




Jan 8, 2020

Phillip Derusha had reach a weight of 400lbs.  But that is not what brought him to a doctor.  It was while being treated for something unrelated when he learned that he was in fact Type 2 Diabetic and was moments away from certain death.  He changed his life, lost over 200 lbs and is DIABETIC NO MORE!

Jan 1, 2020

Charlie Gibson is a successful salesman.  But at 400 lbs, he could not get sold on the idea to change his life and get healthy.  But with a little nudge from his family and his daughter, who was working at a local gym, he did just that!  100lbs down and Charlie shares his story with us on how far he has come and what...